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Samples offer the highest ROI of any marketing expense

July 05, 2022 1 min read

A lot of brand owners sometimes get persuaded by their marketers that  the best way to acquire new customers is through expensive advertising with flashy graphics & good-looking influencers, and that this sizzle will instantly magnetize new customers into opening their wallets to spend their week's wages on your products.
girl spending money because she sees fitness influencer
WRONG! Flashy graphics & hot bods are more often a miss than a hit. Instead, let people taste the products through samples. The most underrated marketing strategy for most supp brands is to offer single-serving samples that allow customers to try-before-they-buy. 
The reason for this is because very few consumers want to spend $50-70 on a big bottle of something they've never tasted but they're happy to spend a buck or two to see if they'll like it first. 
From personal experience with the consumer brand part of my business (Trutein protein), samples have had the single-largest ROI in terms of inexpensively reaching people who never would have otherwise tried Trutein. Then we nurture these new customers through a post-purchase email nurture sequence and conversions are sky rocket better than ever before.
On the contract manufacturing side of my business we package samples in both sachets and stickpacks. We can act as a turnkey solution (source ingredients, blend & package) or you can send us bulk product to package into single-serves. We can even print some film in-house for quick turnaround times.
single-serving sample production capabilities