WheyMax: Functional Instant Whey Protein Shake

The best bang for your buck! WheyMax is 100% Whey protein with absolutely no fillers or amino spiking. This is the perfect budget conscious whey protein to maximize your results.

WheyMax contains no dairy creamers, maltodextrin or any other garbage other companies use to squeeze more profit out of it's consumers. We are fully transparent of what goes into our products.

Body Nutrition was born when the industry couldn't meet our needs for quality,
taste and value, so we made it ourselves! Enjoy WheyMax post-workout, as a delicious smoothie or anytime as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Real Customers, Real Reviews

I have tried most of the flavors and all were good but Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup was my favorite! (the the truffle one AND marshmallow one are runners up) mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it’s dessert in a shaker cup! This, so far, is the only protein powder that hasn’t bothered my stomach one bit.

Trutein is a great supplement for those wanting to know what is in their protein. Great blend of whey, egg and casein. Works amazing and tastes great. CinnaBun is heavenly but very rich and a little thicker than most. Overall great protein blend.

Wow. I love this protein. I have been searching for the perfect whey & casein & I have found the best of both worlds in this product. Profile is great. Flavor is awesome. Mixability is great. Vanilla is so good, I can’t stress how good it tastes. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Love. Orange Creamsicle tastes exactly like the milk in Froot Loops with an orange aftertaste.