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About Us


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Body was created out of necessity. The supplement industry is a shady and unethical one. I was frustrated with supplement companies hiding ingredients in proprietary blends, using cheap ingredients while claiming it was high end. Others would charge an arm and a leg to maximize their bottom dollar and put more money in their pockets. Lastly, flavor was apparently an afterthought to these companies, often opting for cheap flavorings (which once again increased their profits) instead of actually making something taste delicious.


Taking a protein supplement only to find out it was full of cheap fillers, low quality, AND tasted like cardboard was disappointing. This frustration led me to source my own ingredients and put together a protein I WOULD ACTUALLY TAKE. I wanted to know exactly what was in it. I didn't care about a shiny sticker and marketing gimmicks. I wanted a great product and I also wanted it to taste great.


Just one SMALL problem. In order to source these ingredients, I had to buy them in massive quantities, and that was a lot! Having a background in flavoring, from studying in France to my parents owning a flavor company, I was able to craft my first product. Except I had way too much on my hands. I knew I could never drink all this protein in my entire life, so I began making it for friends and family,  and they LOVED it! It was then I realized I was on to something. This was the start of Body Nutrition. Slowly but surely, I stuck to those same principles that frustrated me as a consumer; I wanted to oversee the entire operation, I wanted to create a product of value, not marketing hype, and I wanted it to taste amazing. 


Flash forward a decade:

  • ✔️100% Veteran Owned and Operated
  • ✔️Grass Fed Whey
  • ✔️High protein, low carb
  • ✔️No proprietary blends (you know exactly what ingredients are in it.)
  • ✔️Manufactured in our own 65,000 square foot SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified facility
  • ✔️Oversee the product from start to finish
  • ✔️ certified banned substance free
  • ✔️Trusted for 9+ years years in the industry (most are here one day, gone the next)

Thank you for choosing Body Nutrition.