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What makes me different?

When I'm at a tradeshow people come up to my booth and ask "why should I trust you as a manufacturer? What makes you different than my other co-mans?"

Good question. We both probably have the same equipment, we both have to follow the same regulatory laws and audits, and we both probably by from the same suppliers. So what makes me different?

The answer is that I breathe health & fitness from head to toe in my personal life. I started this business because I love eating healthy and I love working out and might even consider myself an expert on many things nutrition & exercise. I loved them for years before starting my manufacturing business 15 years ago and I love them now just as much. In fact, eating right and working out daily are essential for my personal wellbeing, stress-control, productivity and focus. If I miss more than a few days of exercise or healthy eating, I feel like and I hate feeling like that.

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About the Author

Greg Simek is the founder & CEO of Body Nutrition, a nutritional supplement manufacturer and copacker. He loves tradeshows more than anything else on the planet obviously.

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