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vAminos: All-Natural BCAA Hydration Powder

Power up your fitness journey with vAminos, our performance-crafted amino acids designed for superior recovery, strength, and hydration. vAminos is made without artificial ingredients and is naturally sweetened for a refreshing flavor!

Each scoop provides 6g of BCAAs combined with chelated electrolytes for maximum absorption. Vegan-friendly and free from artificial flavors and sweeteners, caffeine, and stimulants.
6g bcaa
lean muscle support
electroyte hydration
plant based
taste good, feel good

What Makes vAminos Unique?

vAminos: One of the very few All-Natural BCAAs available!

Finding the perfect all-natural BCAA supplement can feel like a quest for the holy grail. Let's face it: BCAAs naturally taste VERY bitter, and masking that with just natural sweeteners and flavors? Quite the challenge!

During product development we sipped our way through the handful of natural BCAAs out there, only to scrunch our noses at the lingering bitterness. But after some serious science in our R&D lab, we've cracked the code — a way to keep things all-natural and still taste good.

So, if you've been on the hunt for a BCAA that's as naturally delicious as it is effective, welcome to vAminos. Your taste buds (and muscles) are in for a treat!

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Flavor splash, refreshing flavors

Distinctive, Health-Forward Flavors

Tired of the over-saturated market of saccharine fruit punch and blue raspberry, we aimed to craft something that resonated with a healthy, holistic lifestyle when developing vAminos, drawing inspiration from the innovative and health-focused world of kombucha and other wellness beverages.

Our mission led us to develop not just unique, but beneficial flavors, infused with health-forward ingredients like turmeric, hibiscus and green tea. This approach wasn't just about creating a cool, new taste; it was to create a BCAA unlike any other that is as beneficial as it is distinctive.

Try our 4-Pack Sampler bundle for a sample of each flavor if you're unsure!

vAminos: Power-Packed with Optimal Macros

The vAminos macros speak for themselves! Just take a glance at our Supplement Facts: each serving packs a robust 6 grams of BCAAs, a minimal 1 gram of sugars, and a replenishing blend of electrolytes.

Enjoy it any time of the day for a guilt-free boost that keeps your fitness goals on track and your taste buds satisfied.