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Power Pudding NATURALS: All-Natural Instant Protein Pudding Mix


Mixes in Only 30 Seconds

High Protein: 28g per Serving

Low Carbs, Sugar & Fat

Made with Premium Grass-Fed Dairy

Power Pudding Powder is an instant protein pudding mix.!!! Just add water and stir. Every bowl of instant Power Pudding Powder provides 28g of sustained-release protein blend. You’re getting the ultimate Trutein blend of whey, casein and egg white. Power Pudding Instant Protein Pudding Mix is so good you won’t believe that you’re eating protein. Mixes with cold water in only 30 seconds!


Each Serving contains 28g Premium Protein


Magic Pudding uses the same Sustained-Release Whey, Casein & Egg White blend as in our Trutein Protein


Magic Pudding transforms into a rich, creamy pudding after 30 seconds of stirring. No setting time or refrigeration required like with other “instant” puddings


Each serving of Magic Pudding whips up a LARGE bowl of protein – enough for a real dessert and NOT just 3 to 4 spoonfuls

Power Pudding took over two years to develop since its inception. We constantly reworked & refined the formula to make it as easy-to-prepare and as timeless as possible, and to deliver to you the most fantastic taste imaginable from a protein product. This tastes like ACTUAL PUDDING!

We almost wanted to keep this formula a secret to ourselves because it’s just that good, but then that wouldn’t be fair to you! You deserve to have an instant protein pudding so that you can mix up your protein repertoire with this new unique twist.

Instant Pudding in 3 Easy Steps

Scoop 2 scoopfuls of Body Nutrition Power Pudding Instant Protein powder into your preferred bowl

Add 4oz cold water. The colder the better because no refrigeration is required for “puddification”

Stir for 30 seconds to make an extra-large size bowl of delicious pudding. No setting-time required!

Real Customers, Real Reviews

This stuff is indeed magical. It fluffs up into a thick creamy pudding in just seconds, just like it says. The texture is spot-on, perfectly smooth, lump-resistant and no grittiness. The flavor leaves nothing lacking, sweet and rich and as good as any stovetop box pudding I’ve ever made. 10/10 would bang–I mean buy again.

This stuff is awesome. Tastes exactly like chocolate pudding, mixes quickly and has 28g of protein. I mixed mine with water and it was perfect.

One time and I’m hooked. This is a must for me to have and keep. I mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond milk with no problems. The taste is unbelievably amazing!!!! I use as my last meal of the day so my body is fed for many hrs after eating and I’m not weighed down and bloated. It is filling and satisfying. Fantastic job!!